Database Of Exomoons

Exomoons are moons that orbit exoplanets, which are planets orbiting stars other than our own.

Exomoons have still not definitively been discovered (April 2019), though they are expected to exist in much the same way that our own planets have moons. There are a few "likely candidates" that have been surmised from astronomical data. Observations of transits have in a few cases appeared to show a second smaller "light dip" either shortly before or shortly after the transit of the planet. Exomoons have not been conclusively established as the cause of these phenomena but it is widely accepted that they are perhaps the most likely scenario.

Exomoon Candidates:

J1407b - Two possible exomoons residing in small ring gaps around planet J1407b.
WASP-12b - WASP-12b is a fascinating carbon-rich planet of the type known as a "hot Jupiter". It has a pitch black surface and is very close to its host star.
MOA-2011-BLG-262 - moon around a possible "rogue planet" - orbiting directly around the galactic center as opposed to round a star system
Kepler-1625b I - Possible Neptune-sized exomoon or Double planet that has been indicated by transit observations.

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